Great Learning Success Story by PGP-CC Alumnus : Pankaj Bajaj , Solution Architect at DXC.Technology

1.Why did you take up this program?
I did a Microsoft Azure certification five years ago, and I’ve always been interested in cloud computing. I’ve also been interested in other areas such as big data and AI, but I decided to focus on improving my cloud skills.
My ultimate goal was to move up the career ladder by moving to a senior position in the Cloud industry. After doing this course, I’m joining a company as a Solution Architect for Pre-Sales where I’ll be working closely with Cloud Apps. I know that I would not have gotten this job if I didn’t do the Great Learning course. I’ve also completed my AWS Certification during the program.
2.What did you like the most in the program?
All aspects of cloud computing such as cloud infrastructure, development, big data in the cloud, cloud devops are covered in the program. The USP of this program is that its a six month program which means I could be completely familiar with a wide range of cloud topics within this time frame.
3.Did you consider any other programs before enrolling for PGPCC?
I was also looking on few programs from Upgrad on Machine learning and IoT but I was much more interested in cloud, and there were no suitable programs on cloud computing anywhere else. The other option was workshops, but they are barely able to cover all the topics even superficially. That’s because 2-5 days is not enough time to for us to grasp the concepts, and students usually walk away without having learnt anything.
4.How was the support during the program?
Deepak, the Program Manager was always reachable. I had faced some issues during the capstone project, and that was quickly resolved.
5.How was your experience of taking up a completely online program?
Right from the beginning, I was confident that I wanted to complete this program and I didn’t lose interest. I was already familiar with topics such as Cloud Development, so I didn’t have to pay a lot of attention when those topics were being covered. Sometimes you end up losing interest when taking up online programs because you sit in front of the laptop and you cannot be 100% focused for 2 hours. So whenever I found time during weekdays, I watched the video recordings of the completed sessions.
6.Do you have any advice to aspirants?
To get the best out of the program, I would recommend going through the content to understand it completely. After the mentoring session, learners can go through the videos again.
The second thing they can do is to follow the Amazon newsletter or Amazon blog that gives updates on the Amazon cloud.
Thirdly, there are many communities related to cloud and AWS, and learners can follow these communities and groups to understand concepts from other people.
The projects that we did in the program are also of great help and based on that I started taking up small freelancing projects because I wanted to get hands-on experience. These projects that I took up helped to further strengthen my resume.



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