Whether you’re from a technical background or not, you can still ensure that you learn well and move ahead in your career. Read about Tariq’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics.

I am a commissioned officer in the Indian Air Force with 10 years of service. I am a graduate of the prestigious National Defense Academy and I have had diverse experience in the organization and have handled operations, security, administration and human resource management. I have worked in some very challenging work environments and have been part of many large scale operations.

I have always put new challenges in front of myself so as to keep learning new things and keep giving impetus towards self- development. And one of them was my foray into the world of analytics. I was intrigued by the line ” the sexiest job of 21st century is data science professional” which I came across in many articles online. Although I have always had a liking for Mathematics, the coding part of it was a challenge for me.

The DSBA program had the elements from Data Science and the Business domain and thus in my opinion had the best of the both worlds. Both the fields were an absolute challenge for me as I am from the Military service background. Also, the working environment and constraints like the inability to use smart devices during my working hours, which aren’t fixed, made it look daunting. Nevertheless, I accepted it and enrolled in the course and have been enjoying the world of analytics ever since.

“Analytics proved to be a Pandora’s Box and it made me aware of other fields which are making use of the tools. The content of the Great Learning platform is rich and the course is very optimally paced, very beneficial for students like me who are not from the domain originally”

I applied this experience and have been working on satellite imagery analysis and have made very significant contributions on a tactical as well as strategic levels, in events which are of national importance. This resulted in a lot of commendations and increased credibility in my organization and has definitely led to increase in responsibilities both as individual and in my team, within the organization.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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