Recruiters today are looking to hire individuals with Data Science skills and knowledge. The demand for data science jobs has increased, and has shown an upward trend. Upskilling in this domain can help you shape your career. You can upskill at any point of your career, whether you are a fresher or have several years of work experience. Although quitting your current job to start fresh may seem like a scary decision to take, Rahul was able to successfully build his Analytics career. Take a look at his journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering and how he felt throughout his journey. 

Quitting a full-time job and again starting my journey in academics was a big step in my life, but it is being said that every success comes on your way once you take a risk. The Journey in Great Learning has helped me a lot in shaping my analytics career. Faculties like Anirudh Kalbande, Dipayan Sarkar and Sayan Dey are among the people who are always ready to pour their knowledge, and it is up to the students to grab as much as they can. Sarvani and Rakesh from the Teaching assistance team and Ramya from the Placement team have always been there for me whenever I needed support both knowledge-wise as well as morale-wise.

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I would like to thank all my batch mates who used to continuously challenge me in every step which helped me to attain the position where I am today. Thanks to all the faculties, teaching assistants, placement Team and Pushkar our Branch Head.

For more such success stories, watch this space. Join Great Learning’s PG Programs and upskill today. 

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