2019 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Roundup

AI and ML Roundup 2019

2019 turned out to be a phenomenal year for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s also the year when AIML became mainstream and all most all the industries adopted it widely. Whether it is applications, development tools, computing platforms, or database management systems, AIML impacted all business aspects regardless of its scale. While we have tirelessly worked towards empowering professionals to advance their careers, we’d also like to think all of this has culminated in a new boost for the digital economy. 

Our 2019 round-up brings to you all the major highlights of AIML developments that trended throughout the year. From recruitment trends to top industry applications and AI ethics, our roundup focuses on all the key areas of interest within the domain. Here’s looking at the top AIML trends we’d remember 2019 for and our predictions for the coming year.

AIML Trends of 2019

  • Top profiles that were recruited and the in-demand skillsets
  • Top AI softwares and tools that were used by big businesses worldwide
  • Top programming languages that developers and engineers adopted
  • Major investments in AI research and development
  • Best books that guided enthusiasts and experts
  • AI success stories and top news
  • Ethical practises in AI

Using the trends of 2019, we have also charted out predictions for what 2020 has in store for AI and ML. Download the ebook for free and get an insight into the most notable advancements of the domain. 

We believe there’s no better time to upskill in this domain and avail all the opportunities of the disruptive economy. Check out our AIML programs to understand the scopes and applications. 



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