Things our alumni have to say about the BACP Program

“The program has great online content. Even the opening animated video sets the tone for the session. Also, the best thing is that the sessions are broken into 20 min classes, which is way better than attending a 2-3 hour session at one go. I attended another course of IIM-K marketing analytics, the same topics were explained in a tricky way there but a BACP solver session by professor was so insightful and basic that I could connect easily.”

Bharat Singh (Consulting Professional)


“The overall experience has been good. Because of the mentor support, we get answers to our problems immediately. The content shared in groups is really very good. If one is asking any question in the group and I can answer that question, at least it means I am learning something & that learning makes me more confident. I can manage my job as well as learn. If one is devoting 1 hour every day, that’ll be enough. Lastly, having a certificate with the institute’s like Great Lakes always adds a bullet point in your CV of which people will take notice.”

Yogesh (Technology Professional with 10+ years of experience)


“Great Lakes’ BACP will complement my skills as a Business Analyst. I am sure post this program I will be at an advantage when attending interviews and it will enhance my chances of getting selected. BACP program will definitely help me scale up my career.”

Vasanth Athreya (Business Analyst, CNSI)


“One of my friends referred me to this program and my so-far experience in the program is really good. The program has good content and is replete with real-life scenarios. The best part is I am able to enjoy the learning part despite of such a busy work schedule.”

Pijush Maity(IBM India)


“The Mentor-based approach in the program is very convenient & supportive. The good knowledge sharing that happens in the group everyday makes learning more interesting.”

Durai Amuthan Natarajan(Technology Professional)


“Till now, my experience with the BACP program has been superb. The best part about it is that your problem gets resolved quickly. It feels good when all your problems get cleared on time. All credit to their mentored learning approach. Here, not only the mentors support you, but the peers also pitch in with their learnings during a discussion. Because of peer to peer interaction, all students are benefiting in the group. Also, Program Support is also exceptional & easily accessible.”

Rajat Arora (Data Analyst-Ninja Cart)


Great Lakes BACP (Business Analytics Certificate Program) is a 6-month mentor-driven personalized-learning online program that enables participants to gain in-depth and hands-on knowledge of analytical concepts. It takes a practical approach to teaching analytics enabling participants to apply their learning immediately.



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