analytics opportunities in hyderabad

According to a NASSCOM report on the Indian IT Product Landscape in Analytics, there is more than a 60% increase in revenue per FTE (Full Time Employee) for analytics. With more than 600+ analytics firms, 400+ start-ups, and 1.3 lakh+ analytics professionals, India is the hottest big data analytics and data science hub in the world. With an influx of talent into this domain over the last few years, and major companies like Cognizant, Infosys, and TCS investing in employee upskilling, 50-60% BPM companies have successfully integrated analytics with operations management (and made it into a service offering). The top cities that have seen the maximum growth in analytics and data science are Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.
The dark horse in the analytics domain has been none other than Hyderabad. Thanks to the information technology boom, Hyderabad got a new makeover in the name of Cyberabad. Known for its culture, food, and pearls, the city of Nizams is today also known as a global center of information technology with all major players in the domain having or setting-up offices in Hyderabad. Some of the major global companies located in Hyderabad are Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Genpact, AON Hewitt, EXl Services, Oracle, Sapient, Value labs, Hewitt-Packard, Mu Sigma, Deloitte, Capgemini, Absolutdata, Evalueserve, etc.
Learning Analytics in Hyderabad provides you the perfect platform to grow or transition to Analytical roles in companies based there. Professionals based in Hyderabad have the opportunity to work with not only the top IT firms but also several analytics-based start-ups as well. 42% of the total analytics professionals are based in Hyderabad. Roles in analytics have seen with a steep salary raise of around 22% over the last three years. According to a job report by Analytics India Magazine, Hyderabad has seen a steady increase job openings in analytics over the last 3 years.
As per Economic Times, the Telangana government is setting up a Center of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in partnership with NASSCOM in Hyderabad. This joint investment of INR 40 crores will aid the establishment of a public-private partnership model. The Minister of IT, Industries, MA &UD, NRI Affairs, Mr. K T Rama Rao said, “The Government is keen to create a robust Data Science & Artificial Intelligence ecosystem for the various stakeholders to thrive by providing support, mentorship, and other capabilities. This Centre of Excellence, in partnership with NASSCOM and the industry, has been set up to develop Telangana and India as a global hub for DS & AI in the coming years.” He further added, “Hyderabad is emerging as an attractive location for global technology companies. The state government had introduced a special IT Policy and taken up T-Hub for encouraging start-ups. The first phase of the T-Hub has already earned the reputation of being the largest incubator in the country. The government of Telangana realizes the opportunities newer technologies present and has laid the foundation of a Data Analytics Park to tap the innovation and employment opportunities in this rising sector.”
Popular job sites have more than 3500 openings in Analytics as of December 2018 with companies like Wells Fargo, Infosys, ADP, Deloitte, UHG, Capgemini, Amazon, Oracle, HSBC, Microsoft, Wipro, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and GE Corporate, Genpact, Bajaj Capital, Accenture, Cognizant, ICICI Bank, Oracle, Uber, Paypal, and Thomson Reuters. The most in-demand roles in analytics and data science are those of a Data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, marketing analyst, and financial analyst.
Great Learning programs like PGP-BABI (India’s number 1 analytics program by Analytics India Magazine in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and BACP (Business Analytics Certificate Program – online format) help you gain an edge among the analytics and data science workforce in Hyderabad – all without disrupting your work schedule. 




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