Computer Vision

    Computer Vision’s short form is CV and its work to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content like videos and photographs.


    Fully Convolutional Network (Semantic Segmentation)

    The interest around Computer Vision has seen a tremendous spike in the last decade credit to the endless applications it offers. Vision is a key sense for Human beings. Thus, equipping Machines...

    How To Apply Machine Learning to Recognise Handwriting | How to Recognise handwriting

    Manually transcribing large amounts of handwritten data is an arduous process that’s bound to be fraught with errors. Automated handwriting recognition can drastically cut down on the time required...
    object detection

    Object Detection in Pytorch | What is Object Detection?

    What is object detection?How is object detection different from object classification?Types of object detection algorithmsCode for object detection using PyTorch What is object detection? Object...
    Viola jones algorithm

    Face Detection using Viola Jones Algorithm

    In this article, we are going to discuss a face detection algorithm "Viola Jones Algorithm".At the end of this article you'll have enough knowledge to make a face and eye detector as...
    Image pre-processing

    Introduction to Image Pre-processing | What is Image Pre-processing?

    Introduction to Image Pre-ProcessingPixel brightness transformations(PBT)Gamma CorrectionHistogram equalizationSigmoid stretching Geometric TransformationsImage Filtering and SegmentationImage SegmentationFourier transform Contributed to: Sreekanth LinkedIn profile: Introduction to...