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    Machine Learning Tutorial: In this Section you can find how to get started with machine learning, Applications of Machine Learning Etc.

    Apache Spark

    Intro to SparkWhat is SparkAbout Apache SparkWhy SparkWhat is ScalaFunctional ProgrammingSpark Vs HadoopSpark ArchitectureSpark Deployment ModesRDDsRDDs OperationsImmutabilityLazy EvaluationType InferenceCachingLoading spark data objects (RDD)RDD PropertiesHow to create RDD in sparkHow is the...
    anomaly detection

    Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning | How Machine Learning Can Enable Anomaly Detection?

    Anomaly detection is something similar to how our human brains are always trying to recognize something abnormal or out of the “normal” or the “usual stuff.” Anomaly is basically  that does not...
    goodness of fit test

    Understanding Goodness of Fit Test, Definition | What is Goodness of Fit?

    What is goodness of fit?Why do we test the goodness of fit?What are the most common goodness of fit tests?Chi-Square Goodness of fit testThe Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness of Fit TestThe Anderson-Darling Goodness...

    Top 5 Sources For Analytics and Machine Learning Datasets

    Machine learning becomes engaging when we face various challenges and thus finding suitable datasets relevant to the use case is essential. Its flexibility and size characterise a...
    support vector machine

    Support Vector Machine – All you Need to Know About SVM

    Every algorithm has its magic. The demand for data forced every data scientist to learn different algorithms. Most of the industries are deeply involved in Machine Learning and are interested in exploring...