Neural Networks

The Neural Network also called Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Neural network is a type of information processing in the same way that the human brain processes information, Neural networks are a group of nodes that are interconnected.

Introduction to Resnet or Residual Network

Over the last few years, there have been a series of breakthroughs in the field of Computer Vision.Especially with the introduction of deep Convolutional neural networks, we are getting state of the...
ReLU activation function

What is Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU)? | Introduction to ReLU Activation Function

Introduction to Artificial Neural NetworkWhat is activation function?What is ReLU(Rectified Linear Unit) activation function?Why is ReLU the best activation function?Leaky ReLU activation function Introduction to Artificial Neural Network
activation functions

Activation Functions in Neural Networks Explained

Activation Functions: IntroductionProperties of activation functionsTypes of Activation FunctionsBinary Step FunctionLinear Activation FunctionNon-Linear Activation FunctionsConclusion Contributed by: Sreekanth LinkedIn Profile: Introduction
bayesian network

Bayesian Networks : An Introduction | What is Bayesian Networks and Definition?

What is a Bayesian Network?What is Directed acyclic graph?Example of Bayesian NetworkBayesian Network in PythonApplication of Bayesian Network Contributed by: Rachit Jain LinkedIn profile:

What is Image Recognition and How it is Used?

What is Image recognition?How does Image recognition work?Working of Convolutional and Pooling layersImage recognition using PythonImage recognition with a pre-trained network The visual performance of Humans is much...