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    Weekly AI Roundup

    Here you can get the Artificial Intelligence weekly guide by MyGreatLearning and how AI is changing world, AI is the next big move in digital marketing and more.

    Artificial Intelligence Trends to Look Out This Decade – Weekly Guide

    Artificial Intelligence is a growing field with new applications and advancements happening across industries. Another notable thing is the pace of these advancements, that is really fast. This article discusses such progressive...

    AI for ICU Solution and To Combat COVID-19 Mutations – Weekly Guide

    Two major AI advancements have come forth in the healthcare domain recently. One is that the FDA has approved CLEW Medical’s Artificial Intelligence ICY Solution. The other is the application of artificial...

    Artificial Intelligence For Better Economic Data And Against GST Tax Evasion – Weekly Guide

    India is a rapidly growing economy and has been on top of world affairs when it comes to being involved with new initiatives and technologies to improve current economic and other practices....

    Role of AI in preventing Fake News – Weekly Guide

    Artificial Intelligence is spearheading the way towards eliminating fake and toxic news from our lives. People are bombarded with information every single minute of each day. Every minute 98,000 tweets, 160 emails,...

    Find Love and Bake Mashup Recipes with AI – Weekly guide

    Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable tool of the 21st century. Whether it be helping doctors in diagnosis and treatment or in drug discovery, AI is proving to be a trusted partner...