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    Delhi pollution

    Capstone Project: Identifying Patterns in New Delhi’s Air Pollution

    Introduction of Capstone Project Diwali is just 5 days. Guess what is the most tell-tale sign- The NCR air quality index, which is already soaring as high as last...

    How To Apply Machine Learning to Recognise Handwriting | How to Recognise handwriting

    Manually transcribing large amounts of handwritten data is an arduous process that’s bound to be fraught with errors. Automated handwriting recognition can drastically cut down on the time required...

    Top 5 Sources For Analytics and Machine Learning Datasets

    Machine learning becomes engaging when we face various challenges and thus finding suitable datasets relevant to the use case is essential. Its flexibility and size characterise a...
    climate change and artificial intelligence

    Machine Learning Can Now Solve Climate Change – Here’s How

    Climate change is real. More real than we might want to accept. The average global temperature is rising by 3% every year now; 20% of the species are on...
    Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning

    Pattern Recognition (Tutorial) and Machine Learning: An Introduction

    Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (ML) Patterns are everywhere. It belongs to every aspect of our daily lives. Starting from the design and colour of our clothes to using intelligent...