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Digital Image Processing



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This comprehensive course on Digital image processing is all about understanding and implementing models based on neural networks. Learn some basic concepts such as data augmentation, image processing using neural networks and its implementation from scratch using python libraries. Understand the essential concepts of deep neural networks that collaborate with Google's powerful library TensorFlow which comes with prebuilt Keras. In the end,we will also learn how the same concepts can be applied to business and real-life problems in other domains.

Skills covered

  • check Data augmentation
  • check Weight initialization
  • check Regularization
  • check Image processing using neural networks
  • check Image classification
  • check Case study problems

Course Syllabus

Digital Image Processing

  • play Data augmentation
  • play Weight initialization
  • play Regularization
  • play Image processing using neural networks
  • play Image classification - hands - on
  • play Case study problem

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