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Big Data is the Wind Beneath the Wings of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been around as an academic discipline since the 1950s. And a number of the machine learning techniques that are in vogue at the moment are a product of the 20th century....

7 Things You Need to Know About the IT Slump

Harish Subramanian, Director, Growth & New Product Development at Great Learning recently held a webinar on ‘How To Make it Through the IT Slump on Your Own Terms’. A Kellogg alumni with vast experience...
Fix technical skills gap with business analytics and cloud computing

How Can You Fix Your Tech Skills Gap?

The recent IT layoffs are a testament to the sharp shift that the technology sector is experiencing in terms of jobs and skills. Read on an article by Harish Subramaniam, Director - Business Development at...

Will 2017 be the year of virtual reality?

Will 2017 be the year VR lives up to the hype and becomes ubiquitous? Probably not. It's a very young technology, and the ecosystem isn't robust enough to have hit the tipping point. So,...

Hiring without the Hyperbole

  Amidst all the job listings looking for 'rockstars', 'ninjas' and 'superstars', I'm left wondering where the rest of us fit in. If everyone needs a rockstar, where does the diligent, yet perfectly ordinary person...