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Maansi is an aspiring researcher and enjoys writing research-focused articles. She attended high school in China and studied Economics & Gender studies in the US. In her free time, you'll find her learning about art history or enjoying independent films. She also enjoys kickboxing, yoga and spending time in nature.

How Journalists can Improve Storytelling by Embracing Design Thinking Strategies

Whether it be Indian news media, or American, we often hear people around us complaining about the declining quality of journalism. As individuals become more and more educated, the more they yearn...

Top 10 Movies on Cyber Security

Computer Security—as a term—can often sound daunting. As if it is referring to serious work. While it is true that people trained in computer and Cyber Security have to be extremely meticulous...
how to become a marketing manager

How to Become a Marketing Manager | Marketing Manager Career

In a competitive market, businesses can grow the most by effectively managing customer communication. This is achieved by capable marketing managers who understand the product, the message and the audience.

How the US Federal Government Uses Design Thinking for Public Programs

When it comes to Design Thinking, you would probably only think of high-pressure tech companies implementing it to launch new products/services. If that is the case, you would be surprised to hear...
career in digital marketing

7 effective ways to build a rewarding career in digital marketing

Introduction Ways to build a successful Digital Marketing career  Introduction  Digital marketing is one of the fastest emerging fields globally. Look around, and you will find someone...