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    Neil is a content wizard who enjoys his passion turned into a profession lifestyle. He loves to talk, listen and travel. During his free time, you could either find him in the gym or with his pet dachshund watching movies, series, and documentaries. Football, cars, and music move his soul. Psychology and paranormal activities excite him. Calm, composed, and energetic are his traits.
    importance of networking in mba

    How to build your network during an online MBA

    IntroductionWhy is networking so important that people take up a postgraduate degree for that?How to network while doing an online MBA?Speak up during team projectsUtilize your in-person opportunitiesSocializing is the keyAttend...
    the mba chaiwala

    From to Selling Roadside Tea to Delivering a Speech at Harvard: Praful Billore, owner...

    IntroductionWho is this famous MBA Chaiwala?Praful’s thirst for MBAThe initial struggle MBA chaiwala facedThe birth of Praful’s chai dreamsThe stepping stonesThe unforeseen obstacle in Praful’s journeyFortune favors the braveAnd Praful faces...
    is mba worth it

    Is a mid-career MBA the right choice for me?

    IntroductionWhat is your motive for pursuing a mid-career MBA?Where do you see yourself after a mid-career MBA?Placing bets on your mid-career MBA to pay high dividends right away?Mid-career MBA to get...
    jobs after mba

    Jobs after MBA in India | High paying jobs Post-MBA

    IntroductionRange of MBA salary in IndiaFactors to be considered before taking up a job after MBAPopular Cities offering the best jobs after MBAJobs after MBA one can look out forJobs after MBA...

    How cloud computing helped accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination

    IntroductionWhy was Cloud technology required in the vaccination process?Why embrace the cloud all of a sudden?Benefits cloud computing offers healthcare providers during the pandemicCombatting the COVID situation using the cloud technologyConcluding...