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why you should invest in big data greatlearning

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Big Data Analytics

In 2018 alone there is expected to be an estimated shortfall of over 200,000 data analysts and data scientists in India. This means the opportunity to invest and grow in the data analytics field...
cloud computing course benefits great learning

10 Facts About Cloud Computing to Make You Look Smart- Great Learning

Are you planning a start-up offering a SaaS in analytics? Maybe you head the technology division and are toying with the idea of using a hybrid cloud solution, or maybe you were caught asking...

How is AI Going to affect the Financial Industry in 2018?

Give this a thought: Could the 2008-10 recession in the US been prevented if they could forecast the stock market,  predict risks or detect frauds using machine learning and artificial intelligence? The answer lies...
Emotion AI Emotional Artificial Intelligence VPA Driverless Cars

6 Ways Emotion AI is Changing Our Lives

It’s a Wednesday, 11 am. You and your best friend are just about to start brunch at your favorite restaurant. Wait. Brunch in the middle of the week? Yes, but I’ll come back to that. You are...
supply chain management

4 Ways Big Data is Transforming Supply Chain Management

Big Data has found a variety of applications in this era, and supply chain was a natural choice. From improving delivery times by synchronizing shipments to identifying better ways to reduce the communication gap...