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Great Lakes’ PGP-DSBA Provides the Ultimate Flexibility to Pursue Data Science and Analytics

Great Lakes’ Post-Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics (PGP-DSBA) and PG Program in Data Science and Analytics (PGP-DSA) offers 4 flexibility options to professionals when it comes to enabling and...
supply chain analytics

How Supply Chain is Using Analytics to Solve Its Problems

What is Supply Chain Analytics? Supply Chain is a tricky business. One missing entity or a lack of synchronisation can break the entire chain and mean millions in losses...
Marketing Analytics Case Studies Great Learning

5 Examples of How Marketing Uses Analytics to Solve Its Problems

Whether it is a pin or a plane that you are trying to sell, the onus for the success of a product, service, or consultation is on the marketing team. Marketing is one of...
analytics in energy case studies great learning

Top 4 Case Studies of How the Energy Sector is Using Analytics

Energy Sector is Using Analytics The early man understood the concept of energy by mastering fire, then agriculture, and finally the industrial revolution before being completely dominated by fossil fuels. From then to now, we...
automobile analytics case studies great learning

Automotive Industry Use Analytics to Solve Problems

Big Data or Analytics in Automative Industry Imagine the perfect automobile ever. It maneuvers itself on the road even when you are sleeping, stops by at your preferred patisserie for your favorite dessert, and wakes...