AI Projects

In this category you can know about the Artificial Intelligence Projects. Like whats happening in the world of AI, there are a lot of AI projects. Example: Blue Brain Project, Google Brain, NuPIC.


BFS (Best Search First) Algorithm, Concept, Implementation, Advantages, Disadvantages

Contributed by - Rana Banerjee Introduction to search algorithmsWhat is Best First Search?Best First Seach AlgorithmVariants of Best First Search Greedy Best First Search A* Best First...
chained techniques in Artificial Intelligence

A Guide to Chaining Techniques in Artificial Intelligence

We have created Artificial Intelligence as a way to amplify human intelligence and promote growth like never before. AI can help us solve numerous problems of varying complexities. One...
The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial Intelligence in business: How can it be applied?

Companies across industries are loaded with information, so it’s challenging to gain insights from the deluge of knowledge into actionable intelligence. That's where the applications of artificial intelligence in business comes into the picture....
artificial intelligence weekly guide

Your essential weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – October 2019 Part I

Artificial Intelligence blog In this week’s Artificial Intelligence digest, we have included some of the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These developments suggest a bright future for AI applications across industries and...

Your Weekly Guide to Artificial Intelligence – September Part I – GL

Artificial Intelligence, a term which was coined by a Dartmouth professor over sixty years ago, has today become a prevalent tool of modern business. From the communications industry to the health industry, AI is...