AI Trends

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing and least predictable industries. Here you can see the latest AI Trends or whats going to be happen in Artificial Intelligence.

covid medication

AI Weekly Guide – Repurposing existing medication for COVID-19 and seeking life in the...

With advancements all over the world, the scope of application of Artificial Intelligence is expanding. Two such applications are towards controlling the impact of COVID-19 and in space exploration for traces of...

Fighting Covid-19 with AI – Weekly Guide

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, many AI-led organisations and startups are trying to create solutions to combat the effects and spreading of the coronavirus. Some of such initiatives are:

Value of AI in Medicine and Efforts Towards Saving Coral Reefs

While the talk of the town, coronavirus, is testing the value of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine, the environmental applications of AI towards saving coral reefs are becoming more rampant. 

Service Robots in Healthcare And Challenges in The Adoption of AI

The COVID-19 pandemic, industry consolidation, and increased access to care are some factors that have led the healthcare sector’s investment in technology. Here, we will specifically talk about the attention garnered by...
Difference between DS, AI, ML

Data Science vs Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

What is Data Science?What is Artificial Intelligence?What is Machine Learning?Difference between AI and Machine Learning Relationship Between Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningDifference Between Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine...