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Machine Learning Abbreviated as ML and it’s a Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides system ability to learn automatically & improve from experience without any programming.

bias variance trade off

Overview of the Bias-Variance Trade-off in Machine Learning

What is Bias?Error in BiasWhat is a Variance?Error in VarianceBut why is there Trade-off? What is Bias? Bias is the difference between the average prediction...
sparse matrix

Understanding Sparse Matrix

Contributed by: Shreya LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shreya-shetty-9a070792/ If you have worked with natural language uses cases, you would have definitely come across the process of converting text into...
multivariate regression

Introduction to Multivariate Regression

Introduction to Multivariate RegressionRegression analysis What is Multivariate Regression? Mathematical equation What is Cost Function?Steps of Multivariate Regression analysisAdvantages and Disadvantages Contributed by: Pooja...
cross entropy

Cross Entropy Explained

Introduction to Cross Entropy How to calculate Entropy How is Cross Entropy related to EntropyCross Entropy as a Loss Function Contributed by: Rakesh Ambudkar LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/rakesh-ambudkar-28386aa
yolo object detection

YOLO object detection using OpenCV

What is object detection?How does object detection work?What is YOLO object detection?Overview of  YOLO object detection algorithmNon-Maximum Suppression Implementation of YOLO with OpenCVCustom Object detection with YOLO What...