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Machine Learning Abbreviated as ML and it’s a Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides system ability to learn automatically & improve from experience without any programming.

Python Interview Questions

69 Python Interview Questions That Recruiters are Asking in 2020

Interviewing for Python can be quite intimidating.  If you are appearing for a technical round of interview for Python, here’s a list of 69 interview questions with answers to help you prepare. The first...
chi square test

What is Chi-Square Test? Chi- Square Test Explained

Contributed by: Netali Agrawal LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/netali-agrawal-31192a71/ The Chi-square test is also known as the name of the “goodness of fit test”. But questions that first strike our...
principal component analysis

Understanding Principal Component Analysis and their Applications

What is Principal Component Analysis?Objectives Assumptions When to use PCA?How does PCA algorithm work?Steps of dimentionality reductionApplications of PCA Contributed by: Megha Kansal LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megha-kansal-711700115/
bagging and boosting

Understanding the Ensemble method Bagging and Boosting

Bias and Variance Ensemble MethodsBaggingBoostingBagging vs BoostingImplementation Bias and Variance  For the same set of data, different algorithms behave differently. For example, if we want to...
POS tagging

Part of Speech (POS) tagging with Hidden Markov Model

What is POS tagging?Techniques for POS taggingPOS tagging with Hidden Markov ModelOptimizing HMM with Viterbi Algorithm Implementation using Python What is Part of Speech (POS) tagging?