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Top 7 Machine Learning Books you can add to your 2020 wish list

Machine Learning algorithms allow us to build intelligent systems which can learn from past experience to give accurate results. Healthcare, defence, financial services, security services, among many others, use Machine Learning in...
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

20 Ways Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Transform Marketing

AI and ML Will Transform Marketing in Future Marketing initiatives and practices are becoming highly data-driven in today’s scenario and this is mainly due to the radical digital transformation that has swept across every major...

What is TensorFlow? The Machine Learning Library Explained

The deep learning artificial intelligence research team at Google, Google Brain, in the year 2015 developed a software library which they named as TensorFlow for Google's internal use. This Open-Source Software library is used...
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Machine Learning to Solve Climate Change

Climate change is real. More real than we might want to accept. The average global temperature is rising by 3% every year now; 20% of the species are on...
Career in Machine Learning

Advantages of pursuing a career in Machine Learning

To state that Machine learning is a growing field would be an understatement. Here’s some perspective: According to a report from the leading job site Indeed, machine learning engineers are in high demand with the...