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DIY-AI Kits for School Students – Weekly guide

 Artificial Intelligence is surprising the world every day. Ranging from discovering drugs to DIY kits, AI’s potential to change the world is only showing an upward graph.  AI Discovers...

AI Detects Catfishing on Tinder – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence, as a domain has established its credibility to an extent where companies are now looking at ways to enhance their workforce to align with machine capabilities. Have a look at...
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Weekly AI Round up December IV

The culmination of this decade showcases the AI buzz throughout miscellaneous industries. Ranging from the prediction of winning sports bets to exploring human decisions – AI seems to have been conquering it...
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AI Traces Missing People – Weekly Guide

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful disruptive tool that can transform human lives. From tracing missing people to helping the disabled, AI-powered solutions are undoubtedly fascinating technology stories.  AI Traces...
AI decodes animal language

How AI decodes Animal Language – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and now it's everywhere. Ranging from its applications in social media platforms to its implementation in promoting neurodiversity, AI is conquering it all.