We live in a world that is constantly developing and thus, it is essential to continue learning and stay updated with the latest technology. Here is Akhil Kodali’s experience with Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Engineering.

Tell us about your educational background and work experience?

As most students are, I was quite uncertain about my plans. I completed my Engineering in Computer Science and after that, did an MBA in Marketing from the ICFAI Business School. During my MBA, I took up an internship with ITC Agri-Business Ltd. at Guntur and worked on Market research and Analytics. During my internship I realised that computer science doesn’t mean Web Application Development or basic applications, there is more in-depth knowledge to be learned. While conducting my research, I came across a term called Data Science Engineering. This was very interesting and I found myself keen on learning more. 

Why Great Learning?

I started looking for colleges that offer good placements. I made a note of the placement percentage of various colleges and started to read reviews about the same. Through this process, I came across Great Learning and saw good reviews all over the internet. Everyone was talking about the Capstone Project and I thought that this would be extremely helpful for my career. I had three things in mind: placements, good content to learn, and real-time examples. Great Learning ticked off all three requirements. 

How was the course structure?

Having some knowledge about Data Science through my MBA and having a coding background, I had an edge over others. But, I started everything from scratch. The teaching staff is well experienced and enriched. Numerous real-world examples were given to us. The course topics were well explained. I gained comprehensive knowledge about all the course topics even though I was starting from scratch. 

Was the Capstone Project helpful?

Working with real-time data is always fun because there are a lot of challenges. These challenges kept us motivated since we continued to strive to do better. It helps test our knowledge and utilise everything that we have studied. It clears every inch of doubt in our minds. Through the course of the project, a guide is assigned to every batch. He was very supportive and was available when required. I was able to clear all my doubts. 

How was your experience with the placements team?

Mock interviews and interviews with industry experts were conducted. This helped me concentrate on my strengths and figure out what my weakness is. I worked hard based on the feedback provided and cracked my very first interview at Indegene Private Ltd, Bangalore. 

If you found this interesting and wish to read more such success stories, watch this space!



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