Nearly 95% of all the data in the world was created in just the last two years. With connected devices, smart homes and self-driving cars the amount and complexity of data is growing exponentially.
In this new Big Data world, someone needs to manage and make sense of all this data. Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers are hired not just by a few elite data companies, but by nearly every single enterprise.
How do I get there?
Wondering what would it take to build a career in Big Data Analytics? Well the answer is simple

  • It will take comfort with the tools of the trade
  • You need to know when each of these tools and techniques is appropriate
  • And you’ll need hands-on experience wrestling with mountains of complex data

How do I develop these skills?
The only way to develop these skills is with practice. Lots of it!
Why should I do it with Great Learning?
Great Learning’s Big Data Analytics program focuses on deliberate practice.
You have a lab that’s available to you 24X7. On cloud. Pre-configured with all the relevant tools you’ll need to master the art of handling the data.
Here you can get as much practice as you need.
At the end of the program, you’ll not only know enough to get the job, but you’ll also be ready to do the work from Day 1!
Industry Connect
Great Learning has been providing top-notch Business Analytics programs for many years now. Over time, we’ve built deep connections with top analytics professionals in the industry.
They not only advise us and validate the usefulness of our programs in the real world, they also teach our classes.
In this program, these experts with dozens of years of experience in Big Data Analytics will teach and mentor you. They’ll use examples and case studies that they’ve encountered in real life.
Thus empowering you with real world education.
What does the program teach me?
Businesses aren’t happy just capturing loads of data. What they need are meaningful insights that they can build a strategy on.
To make sure you’re ready for this challenge, we’ll take you through the whole spectrum:

  • The most relevant Big Data tools
  • Machine Learning techniques to make predictions and suggestions
  • Visualization- to communicate what you’ve learned

To sum it up,
Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and a host of related jobs are lucrative and often the most critical tech roles in companies.
These careers are out there now. And they’re in demand. Great Learning’s Big Data Analytics program will help you get there.
Also watch our program director, Harish K. Subramanian, talk about the PG program in Big Data Analytics from Great Lakes Institute of Management.



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