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We are pleased to announce that three of Great Lakes’ professors, Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay, Dr. P.K. Viswanathan, and Dr. R.L. Shankar have featured in the 20 Most Prominent Analytics Academicians in India 2018, by Analytics India Magazine.
Excerpts from the article:
Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay
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With an MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and Ph.D. from ISI, Dr. Mukhopadhyay is currently the professor and chairperson of the PGPBA program at Great Lakes Institute of Management. He is also the visiting professor of the University of Ulm, Germany, and distinguished Professorial Associate, Decision Sciences and Modelling Program, Victoria University, Australia. He areas of interest and expertise include applied economic theory, game theory, analytics, statistics, econometrics, derivatives and financial risk management, survey design, execution, and others.
Noteworthy achievements by Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay:

  • – Current Academic Position: Professor of Finance at Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • – Prominent Credentials: He has various research papers published in national as well as international journals. He is currently working on a book titled Measuring and Managing Credit Risk. He has been the Managing Editor at Journal of Emerging Market Finance and Journal of Infrastructure and Development, member of Index Committee, member of Research Advisory Committee, Research Advisory Committee, NICR, Expert member in Faculty Selection committees at various Business schools, among others.
  • – Research Interest: Information economics and contract theory, financial risk management, credit risk and agency theory, microfinance institutions, financial Inclusion, analytics in public policy
  • – Teaching Experience: He has more than 20 years of teaching experience in economics, finance.

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Dr. P. K. Viswanathan
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With a rich and varied experience across academia, research, industry, training and consulting, Dr. PK Viswanathan, currently serves as a professor of analytics at Great Lakes Institute of Management. He teaches subjects such as business statistics, operations research, business analytics, predictive analytics, ML analytics, spreadsheet modeling and others. In the industrial tenure spanning over 15 years, he has held senior management positions in Ballarpur Industries (BILT) of the Thapar Group and the JK Industries of the JK Organisation. Apart from executing corporate consultancy assignments, Dr. PK Viswanathan has also designed and conducted training programs for many leading organizations in India. He has degrees in MSc (Madras), MBA (FMS, Delhi), MS (Manitoba, Canada), Ph.D. (Madras).
Noteworthy achievements by P.K Viswanathan:

  • – Current Academic Position: Professor of Analytics, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • – Prominent Credentials: He has authored a total of four books, three of which are on Business Statistics and one on Marketing Research published by the British Open University Business School, UK.
  • – Research Interest: AI, ML, analytics
  • – Patents: He has original research publications exclusively on analytics where he has developed modeling and demonstrated their decision support capabilities. These are: Modelling Credit Default in Microfinance — An Indian Case Study, PK Viswanathan, SK Shanthi, Modelling Asset Allocation and Liability Composition for Indian Banks
  • – Teaching Experience: He has been teaching analytics for more than two decades but has been into active and intense teaching since analytics started witnessing a meteoric growth with the advent of R and Python.
  • – Ph.D.: Ph.D. in the application of Operations Research from Madras University

Dr. R. L. Shankar

Dr. R.L. Shankar is a professor of finance and analytics with over ten years of experience teaching MBA students, Ph.D. scholars and working executives. He has BTech from IIT Madras, MS in computational finance from Carnegie Mellon University, US, Ph.D. in Finance, EDHEC (Singapore), and has trained over 2,000 executives from prestigious firms. With multiple research papers published under his name, he recently received a research grant from NYU Stern School of Business and NSE for original research on Low latency trading and co-movement of asset prices.
Noteworthy achievements by RL Shankar:

  • – Current Academic Position: Professor of Finance and Analytics, Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • – Prominent Credentials: He has been a visiting professor at IIM Kozhikode, IIM Trichy, and IIM Ranchi. He is also a TEDx speaker.
  • – Research Interest: Algorithmic trading, market microstructure, imperfections in derivatives markets and non-parametric risk measurement techniques
  • – Teaching Experience: More than 15 years
  • – Ph.D.: Ph.D. in Finance from EDHEC (Singapore)

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pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning



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