Whether it’s a career transition or an upgrade to your existing role, it is essential to learn from experts in the field. Here is how Ritindeep Singh benefited from Great Learning’s Data Science and Business Analytics Program.

Tell us about your professional background.

I completed my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication in 2010. I was working at Ericson as a Senior Engineer for about 5 years before the idea of switching to Data Science crossed my mind. I then joined Great Lakes’ PGP DSBA course and I transitioned internally in the same company, whilst pursuing it. At the end of the course, I immediately moved to the U.S. joined CVS Health as a Data analyst. At the moment, I am working at Homesite Insurance as a Data Scientist.

Was PGP- DSBA beneficial to you, how did it help?

The only knowledge and exposure I gained about Data Science were from GL’s hands-on experience. That is what helped me to crack interviews. However, it was not an easy process, especially in the U.S., considering I had no background in the subject. To crack a job interview in the U.S., there was a need for me to complete a Master’s program. GL’s program had not only developed confidence in me but also built a strong foundation in the subject – all of which assisted me in every step of my career. 

What did you like the most about GL?

The availability of an interactive faculty and association with peers made it extremely easy to develop a good understanding of the stream. The course, the environment, and the co-learners together fostered my learning and contributed a lot to my growth in it. 

What is your advice to future PGP- DSBA aspirants? 

The program is very well-structured and updated. With little or no background in programming, this course will help you in every dimension to develop a good in-depth knowledge and make you industry-ready. All that is needed is the will to learn, and some hard work!

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