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Samudyata Bhat
With a creative and curious nature, Samudyata Bhat is fascinated by Digital Media. Being a passionate writer, she is currently creating content on present day trends and innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and related technologies.
career objective

The Best Career Objectives in Freshers Resume

A career objective is primarily the pitch of your resume and mentions the goal and objective of your career. It is an important...
weekly ai

Uber AI Enforces Mask Rules – Weekly Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a large, popular and promising sector whose developments constantly show intelligent and efficient results. This week’s guide discusses the role of AI in enforcing rules, identifying brain injuries...
Global AI initiative to fight COVID-19

Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Initiatives to fight the Deadly Coronavirus

StatisticsIdentification of OutbreakDiagnosis of the VirusProcessing Healthcare ClaimsDrones for DeliveryTask Performing RobotsDevelopment of DrugsTherapeutic DrugsEveryday AI-powered WearIdentification & Risk predictions of infectedChatbots for AwarenessSupercomputers for Vaccines Diagnosis through VoiceAI Robots for Touchless...
AI in Journalism

Artificial Intelligence (AI) saves Journalism – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the consumer world by storm, and hence, it is no surprise to see innovators in every other industry follow the suit. This week’s AI guide discusses its...
AI in manufacture post pandemic

How AI can Revolutionise the Manufacturing Industry post Pandemic

The Manufacturing Industry not only builds the foundation of the economy but also creates rewarding careers. Hence, it essentially requires high levels of accuracy, continuous improvements in the quality of production, and...