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With creativity, passion and a hint of lazy, Samudyata Bhat is riveted by the newsreels of Digital Communication. Apart from roping into technology and its innovations, she fervours abstract fictional writing of her own!

AI Detects Catfishing on Tinder – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence, as a domain has established its credibility to an extent where companies are now looking at ways to enhance their workforce to align with machine capabilities. Have a look at...
ai movies

Top 10 Artificial Intelligent Movies

From oversized machinery to intelligent supercomputers, AI has managed to change human lives in indescribable ways - and it is safe to say that it is only the beginning. With cinema having...
AI in the gaming industry

How AI is Changing the Gaming Industry

From the software that controlled a Pong paddle or a Pac-Man ghost to the universe-constructing algorithms of the space exploration Elite, Artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming isn’t a recent innovation. It was...

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions for 2020

Whether it's a career that you are considering, or you want to move up the ladder from where you already are - in the AI domain, the future definitely is bright. There are numerous...
artificial intelligence weekly

AI Diagnoses Life Threatening Diseases – Weekly Guide

Considering the Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of executing thousands of calculations at once - every existing sector today is benefiting from it in different forms from AI. China...