how to learn cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a modern solution for companies, and this has changed the way companies look into their digital Infrastructure as it allows us to share resources directly from a cloud server over the Internet. Cloud computing is more efficient, fast, and cost-effective.

Most of them ask, What is cloud computing? What’s the best way to start learning cloud computing? This blog is just about it. 

You will be surprised to know how career opportunities are booming in the cloud field, and many cloud computing courses are emerging. But what if you can’t afford these expensive 💰 courses?

Don’t Worry! The Internet is an ocean of information, and you can learn whatever you want in cloud computing. But this requires an enormous amount of energy in researching to get started with cloud computing. Luckily, you don’t need to do that; This article helps you to find some of the best resources to learn cloud computing from scratch.

Ready to spend a few hours and learn? Here is an Explanation for What is Cloud computing!

Follow these steps, to learn Cloud Computing from scratch.

Step 1: What do you know?

That’s what you should ask yourself. I’m assuming you have some basic IT skills: Windows, Linux basic, basic networking skills, and an idea of how your operating system works but nothing about cloud computing. Those are really basic things, yet enough to start your career in cloud computing.

If you don’t have any skills which are mentioned above and if you are from a non-technical background, there is still hope. No worries.

Prerequisites to learn cloud computing

1. Programming Skills
2. Familiarity with Databases
3. Basics of Security and Privacy
4. Knowledge of Agile Development
5. Familiarity with Operating Systems
6. Understanding of Virtualization
7. Basics of Networking

Step 2: Cloud and Virtualization concepts must be in your fingertip!

As discussed in the prerequisite of cloud computing, One must understand the concept of virtualization.

Virtualization plays an important role when we speak about cloud computing. The concept of Virtualization is a discovery that enables the cloud and organizations to unite their server areas. This allows you to create virtual environments So, get started with it and make sure you utilize this technology as much as possible. You may pursue a virtualization technologies course and realize what we mean by the system of virtualization guests. There are numerous ideas about repetition and scalability that you will find once you start utilizing a platform of the cloud.

Important Concepts to know about Virtualization

Hypervisor: Learn what hypervisors are and the various hypervisors for example VMware, KVM, Xen, HyperV, or OpenVZ.

Step 3: Learn Basics of Cloud Computing

For a beginner, fundamental ideas of cloud computing will be an adventurous journey. You have umpteen basic courses to learn cloud computing online that it’s practically hard to choose the best one. You should consider both the changes i.e the economic side and the technical side.

Step 4: Learn  Linux and Networking

LINUX: With the first approach to cloud computing, Linux operating systems will be your best buddy! Yes, You heard it right! Linux operating systems will have a high priority in the IAAS platform and most of the companies that work with web applications and scalable environments choose Linux operating systems. To give you an example Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are also built around Linux concepts. In some cases, you will find usage of Docker Software, specifically built for Linux. So, learning Linux can help developers or system administrators at work.

How to learn Linux?

The best way is to start using it!
Look for some documentation and basic courses online.
You can watch this video, to learn the basics of Linux in 1 Hour:

NETWORKING: Understanding networking and learning networking is a good idea! The reason is:
1. It is the glue that puts everything together in the realm of computing.
2. You get to understand how different servers around the world communicate with each other.
All these happen due to Networking. So, Put your mind and great in networking concepts.
Here I have consolidated the list of networking certifications :

Professional Level Certifications 
Entry LevelCCENT, CCT
Associate LevelCCDA,CCNA
Professional LevelCCDP,CCNP
Expert LevelCCDE,CCIE
Architect LevelCCAr

Step 5: Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

There are many cloud platforms available across, but here let’s discuss a real cloud platform. AWS being a  top public cloud leader with more than 80% of the market is a real cloud platform provider. AWS is growing rapidly and there are many courses about them as some companies start considering them for different workloads or to migrate
Taking AWS into consideration, this is a wide platform, composed of 50 different services. Here I am going to provide you an  introductory course about AWS that you should watch right now:
Once you have a better idea of how Amazon Web Services is structured, you may start enhancing your career in AWS by taking up advanced courses.

How to Learn AWS?

Learning cloud computing from scratch for non-technical people might be a difficult task, hence I have jotted down a few important points/steps to follow before starting your cloud computing career. 

Step 1: Understand what is Cloud computing

Step 2: Understand what is AWS

  • The best place to start understanding AWS is here: AWS website.

Step 3: Don’t scratch your head over IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, XaaS

  •  Don’t get caught up in these.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with core AWS services

Step 5: Watch AWS Masterclass Webinars for a deeper understanding

  • AWS Solution Architects webinars are a One-stop-shop to learn everything related to AWS and its services.

Step 6: Read AWS and Partner Whitepapers 

  • These are the most detailed pieces of work by expert Solution Architects at AWS.

Step 7: Visit AWS Architecture Center for reference architecture

Step 8: Read APN and AWS blogs

Step 9: Understand AWS Well-Architected Framework

Wrapping up

Now that you have basic knowledge of cloud computing prerequisites, do start the online course to embark on the career journey with the Great Learning’s  Cloud computing course and accelerate your career by applying concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps and of course you get to Work on 15+ hands-on labs & industry-relevant projects. This course is available online to learn at your pace. But, It is a known fact that unless one practices, there is no scope for any online certifications.



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