ds at work
ds at work

I am Balachandra, an Electronics engineer having more than 11 years of experience in an investment bank as a Business Analyst. 

Before joining the PGP-DSBA program, I was looking for a platform from where I could upgrade my skills.

Talking about my business problem, there had been many production issues that we had been facing only monthly for which we couldn’t trigger why it was happening. Thus, there was a need to understand & figure out why there has been such a recurring production issue and what had been the nature of these issues during production. This problem has affected our Business users in terms of application issues and has led to delays in the process, resulting in high cost & extended timelines. 

This was when I decided to take up the challenge to solve this problem using the analytical skills I have gained so far from the PGP-DSBA program.

So, I started by finding out what exactly the data says. Therefore I performed Exploratory Data Analysis as this is one of the most important analyses required before jumping into any model building or generating possible solutions. After EDA, I performed PCA & finally built the decision trees.

The insights that were observed after the data analysis were Categorizing the issues into functional, Technical & data related, which was further narrowed down to each team responsible for the issues being reported.

This application helped us in Identifying the root cause by observing the patterns. The solution was recommended, which has been rolled out to specific teams which are helping them with code review and automation feasibility. 

We have already started creating a tremendous impact in reducing manpower, i.e. we have successfully made an effort to save 12 man-days in 2 months. 

We are in progress to save almost 60 man-days of effort over the next eight months.

Lastly, I would say that Data Science @ Work has helped me apply my skills in identifying the problem, exploring the possibilities and suggesting the solutions backed with data and numbers.

If you wish to upskill, join Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course. For more such success stories, watch this space.



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