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More often than not, individuals choose to check movie ratings before they watch a movie. These ratings are a big deal, and we see them at the end of every movie trailer as well. Sometimes, the movie trailer may be quite intense. However, the rating provides more details such as violence, the suitable age for viewers, explicit content, and more. Until present times, humans have always given movie ratings. But can you imagine what it would be like to use an artificial intelligence tool to provide this rating?

When humans are proving movie ratings, there are often biases involved because of their preferences. Each movie is unique, and the criteria that it should be rated on depends on an individual’s views and perceptions on what may or may not cross the line. To help us break past this bias in movie ratings, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering researchers developed a new artificial intelligence tool. This AI tool collects the data from movie scripts and can give the movie rating before the movie is even shot. 

You must be wondering how such a tool works? The basic idea is to sweep through the given movie script and look for specific target keywords. If you’ve ever looked through a movie script, you must be aware that these movie scripts provide in-depth descriptions of the situations taking place. Let’s assume that there is a particular act of violence; this artificial intelligence tool can accurately detect this scene. The tool can also detect foul language, explicit content, or illegal drug abuse. 

Based on these major factors, the artificial intelligence tool provides a rating on G’s scale to PG-13 to R. This rating can be given within seconds and helps movie directors and writers decide if they should make changes to a particular scene to ensure that it sits well with the public. It allows these movie writers and editors to look at the impact that the movie may have on the public before the film has been shot. 

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The AI tool receives input, i.e., the movie script. This input is processed through a neural network and scan it to check for semantics and sentiments that have been expressed in the script. The sentences are classified as a phase that is aggressive, negative, positive, and other descriptors. 

movie ratings

When a studio provides a green light to release a movie, they typically have a movie rating in mind. There have been times when the movie producers believed that they would get a PG-13 rating, but ended up with an R rating. This eventually limits the audience. However, an AI tool such as this one would help you accurately predict your audience well in advance. If there are any changes to be made, they can be done even before the movie’s whole shooting is completed. Such an advanced moving rating system will eventually save a ton of studio time and money. 

This tool’s developers have kept several aspects in mind and have conducted ample research before building it. They noticed different patterns throughout the research process and have seen that it is highly unlikely that a movie has high levels of all three risk factors, i.e., explicit content, drug abuse, and violence. They believe that the reason for this is the Motion Picture Association (MPA) standards. They also noticed that movies with a certain level of drug abuse, also have a similar level of explicit content. Whether this has been done intentionally or not, movie producers seem to match these levels in most films. One of the AI tool developers, Martinez, says that he would love to study how minorities are represented in movies in case of violence and drugs sometime in the future.  

We cannot expect that this AI tool will take up movie ratings shortly. However, this is another great example of applying artificial intelligence in areas we could never have imagined just a couple of years ago. This brings us to the end of the blog on the artificial intelligence movie rating tool. We hope that you were able to gain some knowledge about how the tool works. 

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