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You browsed for new sports shoes, added them into a cart and made a purchase. As soon as you made the payment, few emails arrived in your inbox stating the confirmation of your order, the shipment confirmation and the delivery details. How do you think this is done? The answer is MARKETING AUTOMATION. 

The consumers often get bombarded with the marketing messages and emails from different brands to stand out amidst the competition.  The marketing teams are under enormous pressure to develop better campaigns and ideas to provide better business to the brands. With more and more requirements popping up and high expectations, marketing automation tools have become a “Messiah” to the companies.

Marketing Automation Explained

Marketing Automation is all about using software to automate the marketing activities of the company/ business. The repetitive tasks like sending emails, social media posts and ad campaigns are automated in order to save time and money. It also helps in providing a personalized experience to the customers. 

How does it help Digital marketers?

Marketing Automation is often taken as the future of Digital Marketing, and there is an apparent reason for it. As per the Salesforce State of Marketing report (2018), 44% of the marketing professionals use marketing automation platforms, and another 42% are planning to use it in the next few years.  It helps marketers:

  • In identifying and engaging online customers
  • In generating quality leads and converting them into sales
  • In prioritizing the customers
  • In providing a personalized experience to the customers
  • In testing and optimizing the marketing ROI

The business needs to have software or tools which can be used to capture new customers, design new campaigns and can do various marketing activities for the company. Not every business requires marketing automation tools but those who do need to choose from the wide variety of tools present in the market today. This selection should be made after the estimation of the businesses’ needs and the budget.

Here is the list of 23 marketing automation tools which you can try out as per your business needs:

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best tools for content marketing. It helps in scaling the business’s growth and lets you spend lesser time on the repetitive tasks. 

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Source: Hubspot
  • Automate your email campaigns
  • Visualize, customize and personalize the workflows
  • An all-in-one inbound marketing software for the entire team 
  • Helps in attracting the right audience; an easy to use platform


It has Free and paid plans starting at:

  • Free plan: $0 per month 
  • Starter plan: $45 per month 
  • Professional plan: $800 per month 
  • Enterprise plan: $3200 per month 

2. Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation tool by Adobe. This is a full feature software which handles digital marketing and advertising. 

  • It identifies, engages and accelerates the customer experience
  • Build and scale the automated marketing campaigns
  • Leverage the behavioural data and accelerate the best opportunity for the business
  • Offers content personalization, marketing analytics, Cross channel engagement, sales partnership and much more
Source: Marketo


  • The tool provides a free trial
  • It provides four different plans as per the needs of the business: Select, Prime, Ultimate and Enterprise
  • Contact Marketo for more details on the Plan pricing

3. Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing automation tool that aims to increase the sales of the business and reduce workloads. It provides ready-to-use automation templates that can be customized to fit into the business’s marketing funnel.

  • Provides one-click eCommerce platform integrations
  • 24*7 support
  • Complete data sync
Source: Omnisend


  • Provides a free trial of 14 days
  • Standard plan: $16 per month
  • Pro plan: $99 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
  • Contact Omnisend for its paid plans after free trial

4. Pardot

Pardot, an automation tool acquired by Salesforce, helps companies create meaningful connections and generate more pipelines to empower sales.

  • Helps in generating more leads
  • Engage buyers with personalized campaigns
  • Align marketing with sales
  • Reports on ROI
  • Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence
Source: Pardot


Pardot offers four different plans

  • Growth plan: $1250 per month 
  • Plus plan: $2500 per month 
  • Advanced plan: $4000 per month 
  • Premium plan: $15000 per month 

5. is a marketing automation tool that sends targeted emails, pushes notifications, and SMS to create stronger relationships with the customers and drive subscriptions.

  • Helps to build the audience based on real-time events
  • Allows to send personalized messages based on what people do
  • Review the data and keep improving it through A/B testing


  • Provides a free trial of 14 days
  • $150 per month (Basic plan)
  • $995 per month (Premium plan)

6. LeadSquared

Leadsquared is a one-stop platform which aligns the sales and marketing efforts and makes it easier to launch the marketing campaigns. 

  • End to end marketing software
  • Push your leads faster in the sales funnel 
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Increase ROI
Source: Leadsquared


  • Basic plan: Rs. 25,000 per month 
  • Standard plan: Rs. 75,000 per month 
  • Enterprise Plan: Rs. 1,50,000 per month 
  • Custom plan: (Contact Leadsqaured for a custom quote)

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing automation tool that lets you engage customers, build a website in minutes, and boost sales with Google ads.

  • Allows you to use free Email Template Builder, which can be customized with easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Provides AI-powered Website Builder
  • Provides excellent shopping experience to the customers on any device
  • Provides ease to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
Source: Constant Contact


Constant Contact has two plans:

  • Provides a free trial for a month
  • Email plan: Rs. 1289 per month 
  • Email plus plan: Rs. 2900 per month 

The price is based on the number of contacts

8. Buzzportal

Buzzportal is a premier digital marketing agency in London, UK. They provide over 15 tools and apps in order to nurture your leads across different channels. These tools help you to access a plethora of services for creating a buzz for your business. 

  • Develop beautiful websites
  • Create apps for android and iOS
  • Provide fast results for the business
  • Works well with every business whether big or small
Source: Buzzportal


  • Need to contact Buzzportal for a quote or plans

9. ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign provides a one-stop solution for email marketing, CRM tools and sales automation. The tool is a pioneer in the visual automation sequence builder.

  • Helps you to map out what is happening in your automation
  • Ingrates well with the marketing tools which are already in use like WordPress, Zapier and Shopify
  • Let you track sites, sign up forms, advance reporting and also track goals. 
Source: Active Campaign


They offer a free trial of 14 days

  • Lite plan: $9 per month 
  • Plus plan: $49 per month 
  • Professional Plan: $129 per month 
  • Enterprise plan: $229 per month

10. Autopilot

Autopilot is one of its kind which also provides a Canvas to build automation sequences. They provide email marketing, messaging and other automation services with an easy-to-clean platform. 

  • Create customer journeys to capture and convert new leads
  • Send personalized messages to the customers
  • Design customer experiences
Source: Autopilot


Provides a 30-day free trial. 

  • Silver plan: $49 per month 
  • Gold plan: $149 per month 
  • Platinum Plan: $249 per month 

11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an easy to use automation tool, which helps you turn your shoppers into loyal customers. 

  • Create customer journeys
  • Automatically send emails
  • Send trigger-based messages
  • Provides visual journeys, scheduling tools, and pre-built automation features
Source: Mailchimp


Provides a free plan for up to 2000 contacts

  • Free plan: Rs. 0 per month
  • Essential plan: starting at Rs. 770 per month
  • Standard plan: starting at Rs. 1150 per month
  • Premium plan: starting at Rs. 23000 per month

12. Ad Roll

This platform is dedicated to growing direct-to-customer brands.

  • Unifies the data, channels and measurement, which helps in bringing relevancy to the customers.
  • Very easy to use
  • Create customer loyalty by engaging more customers
  • Create a seamless customer experience
Source: AdRoll


Provides a free plan and a 30 days’ free trial with Essentials and Growth plans

  • Free plan: starting at $0 per month
  • Essentials plan: starting at $9 per month
  • Growth plan: starting at $19 per month

13. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution which is available for cross channel marketing programs.

  • Helps to generate higher returns on digital marketing investments
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Helps in taking critical decisions based on real-time performance 
Source: Oracle Eloqua


Starts at $2000 per month and varies as per the contacts you have

14. Bizible

Bizible, a tool by Adobe, aligns the sales and marketing efforts of the business. 

  • Let you discover customer journey
  • Allows transforming your leads
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the marketing campaigns
Source: Bizible


Request here to know Pricing structure of the tool

15. Act-on

Act-on helps create remarkable value in driving awareness, generating demand, nurturing leads, and supercharging the digital workflows.

  • Provides services right from planning, launching, measuring and optimizing the marketing programs
  • It calls itself “One marketer with a power of 10.”
Source: Act-on


It offers two plans:

  • Professional: Starting at $900 per month
  • Enterprise: starting at $2000 per month

16. Automizy

Automizy is an email marketing automation software which is designed to enhance the open rates of the emails. 

  • Provides essential Email marketing features
  • Offer different email templates and automation blueprints
  • Improve open rates with the help of AI
Source: Automizy


  • Provides a free trial
  • Starts from $9 per month and charges till $119 per month
  • Also provides custom plans whose price is based on the number of subscribers of the business

17. Sugarmarket

Sugar market, previously known as Salesfusion was acquired by SugarCRM in May 2019 so that the marketing automation services can be offered at a global level.

  • Known for leading the next generation of customer experience
  • Drive traffic, create campaigns, nurture leads and measure ROI
Source: sugar market


Starts at $1000 per month, the pricing depends on the number of users/ contacts

18. iContact

A robust email marketing platform which provides a collection of tools to generate higher quality leads. 

  • Allows you to upgrade email marketing 
  • Drive higher ROI
  • Send personalized mails which resonate with the subscribers
Source: iContact


Starts from $15 per month and goes up to $45 per month (based on the number of subscribers)

19. DRIP

Drip is an eCommerce automation tool which has made easy to use email and SMS marketing for the businesses.

  • Provides pre-built email and SMS best practices
  • Best for use for the small business owners
Source: Drip


  • A 14 days’ free trial is provided
  • Starts from $19 monthly and further pricing depend on the number of SMS and emails to be sent

20. Dialogtech

Dialogtech is an incredible marketing automation tool which monitors the leads who try to reach the business. 

  • Use AI and machine learning to capture the caller details 
  • Allows you to route calls based on the caller’s location
  • Personalize the caller’s experience 
Source: dialogtech


  • Contact dialogtech to know their pricing
  • You can request for a demo as well

21. Keap

Keap is a marketing automation platform for beginners or startups that helps to grow the business’s sales and saves time.

  • Covert more clients
  • Create more fans
  • Provides CRM for the ease of use
Source: Keap


Provides a free trial version for 14 days.

  • Lite plan: starts from $79 per month
  • Pro plan: starts at $149 per month
  • Max plan: starts at $199 per month
  • Max classic: for advanced eCommerce and sales team requirements. Details here.

22.Buzz Builder Pro

Buzz Builder Pro is a complete outbound lead generation system.

  • Get targeted leads based on the ideal customer profiles
  • Send customized email campaigns
  • Follow up with your best prospects
Source: buzzbuilder


  • Pricing depends on the Individual call, team call or personalized calls.
  • You can also request a demo

23. Net Results

Net Results is a marketing automation experience created for mid-market companies and small businesses across the globe. 

  • Provides features for email automation
  • Provides dynamic content for web and email
  • Manage A/B test campaigns
  • CRM Integrations
Source: Net Results


  • Growth plan: starting at $960 monthly
  • Team plan: starting at $2580 monthly
  • Enterprise plan: starting at $4800 monthly


No marketing automation tool is best for every business. However, it depends on the size of the company’s size, needs, and requirements and the budget.

Marketing automation, no doubt, has made the lives of a marketer easier. So, which of these marketing tools do you think is better for your business? Share them in the comments below. If you wish to upskill in the domain, do check out Great Learning’s PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing, a 6-month program with live personalized mentorship. 



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