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    Akriti Galav
    Akriti is a content strategist and a passionate learner. She has over 6 years of experience in generating content for the eLearning industry, hospitality industry and in copywriting. She works closely with the digital marketing teams to generate content that drives action. Read more about her here.
    Digital Marketing plan

    Digital Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide to make a Digital Marketing Plan

    Digital marketing has become the heart of the marketing departments of organizations. The reason is simple, more reach, improved conversion rates and higher revenues. This shows that Digital marketing has become so...
    What Are Google Ads

    What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?

    You own a plant nursery in Bangalore and may want to expand your reach online. In that case, advertising with Google Ads might be the correct choice for you. However, the question...
    marketing automation

    23 Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Use

    You browsed for new sports shoes, added them into a cart and made a purchase. As soon as you made the payment, few emails arrived in your inbox stating the confirmation...