Great Learning stands out because of the rich content provided here- Netali, PGP BABI

How was life before Great Learning and how  has it changed after – a brief. 

I was previously working as a developer. We were using slightly older technology and based on my previous technological skill and knowledge, I realized it was not enough. I then took up the decision to upgrade my skills. Data Science is a big aspect and business analytics is a part of it, so I chose to move ahead in this direction. After I heard of Great Learning and took up the course, I was able to switch my career within my current projects as well. Right now I am into business analytics. I cater to identifying problems and informing teams about what can be made better. And how analytics can be used to solve problems. 

Is there anything unique that you found about GL which made you take up this course? 

I am currently doing another course on Digital Marketing with a different brand. But I have realized that the difference between Great Learning and any other brands is the content which is provided. Apart from the brand name itself, the content available at GL is up-to-date and rich. The assessments are renewed from time to time. We are not paying for the brand name; we are paying for the resource and content provided during the course. I would definitely say that it is worth the money. When I suggest anyone else to take up a course with GL, I stress on the fact that the content taught is extremely beneficial. 

What was the capstone project that you worked on and how was our mentor support for the same? 

My capstone project was on predicting men’s world cup 2019 winners. My paper has been selected for the National Conference on AIML happening in Delhi. We will be presenting our paper at this conference, and this was possible due to GL. From the mentor side, we got all the support required. I am still in touch with my mentor via LinkedIn and WhatsApp. All the other professors who taught me during the course were extremely helpful and are still happy to help when required. 

How do you feel about our program curriculum and how did it help you prepare for the future in terms of practicality/ real-life application? 

The professors have a Data Science background and have experience working in this field, and since we are in touch with them, we are able to understand the real-life application. Had it been just the the bookish knowledge, we might not have been able to do the same, but since the professors used examples and real-life cases while teaching us the topics, we were able to apply this knowledge in our work life. At least 75-80% of this course is definitely application based. 

How did you manage personal life and work-life balance while taking up the classroom course? 

Apart from just the classroom classes, videos were provided. These videos proved to be extremely helpful to me since I was able to study through my own time table and schedule. We were asked to participate in various programs during which we had to come up with our own ideas and participate in hackathons, within the organization and outside as well. This added to my profile and I was able to gain exposure. 

Any thoughts for young aspirants who might take up BABI with us in the future?

There is no other brand like Great Lakes or Great Learning, because here, they actually teach you a real-life scenario. Instead of just teaching hours of coding languages, they provide a complete journey. Every aspect that is required for one to successfully make a career transition, is covered here. 

If you wish to unlock your dream career, upskill with PGP – Data Science and Business Analytics today! 



  1. Hey, it’s true that this learning helped and made my career into BA from SAP . Now , I could understand the a business little then before.
    Thanks to Gl


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