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Marina is a content marketer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation in today's digital economy. She has formerly worked with Amazon and a Facebook marketing partner to help them find their brand language. In a past life, she was an academic who taught wide-eyed undergrad Eng-lit students and made Barthes roll in his grave.
Design Thinking in HR

Use of Design Thinking in HR | How to use Design Thinking in Human...

Design Thinking: Creating Optimized Business Solutions The success of brands like Apple, Google, Nike, Amazon and PepsiCo has clearly established design thinking as a breakthrough methodology to create products...
What is Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision? Know Computer Vision Basic to Advanced

What is Computer Vision?Examples of Computer Vision and AlgorithmsHow does Computer Vision work?Why is Computer Vision important?Origin of Computer VisionComputer Vision basic functionsHow to learn Computer Vision?How to become a Computer...

BFS (Best Search First) Algorithm, Concept, Implementation, Advantages, Disadvantages

BFS (Best First Search) Most of the AI advancements that have caught our attention in the past have been the ability of the machine to beat humans at playing...
data scientist salary

Data Scientist Salary | Salary of a Data Scientist in India

1. Who is a Data Scientist?2. Data Science Job Description3. Data Science Skills4. Data Scientist Salary trends:- Salary by Experience- Salary by Job title- Salary by Company size- Salary by Region5. A...
Machine Learning Salary

Machine Learning (ML) Salary in India | How Much Does an ML Engineer Earn

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?Machine Learning Job DescriptionMachine Learning SkillsMachine Learning Salary Trends-Salary by Experience-Salary by Job Title-Salary by Company-Salary by RegionA Day in the Life of a Machine Learning...