A career transition can be really challenging, and hence it is essential to learn and gain from experts in the field. Here is how Goverthanan Ravi benefited from Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course.

Tell us about your professional background

I have completed my studies in B-CA, M-CA, and an MBA. My current role is into Python Automation. My work essentially revolves around Cloud Computing projects. Before moving into the field of Python and Cloud Computing, I worked as a Mainstream Developer. I wanted a career transition since I wanted to learn and move towards more advanced technologies and applications today. PGP-CC at the time seemed like the best fit for me, considering that I am extremely eager and passionate about this subject.

How was your experience with Great Learning’s Program?

Firstly, Great Learning’s App was extremely useful – it was easy to use and contained good quality videos that assisted my learning experience. The course structure of this program covers all kinds of topics – right from scratch to more advanced level ones. Hence, providing a good amount of exposure in all Cloud Computing platforms. 

Did you find the Mentoring Sessions to be useful?

I must say that the mentoring sessions were nothing less than amazing. I was never into Object-Oriented programming, so it was extremely challenging. However, all the mentors and their entire team were constantly encouraging their students to be the best version of themselves which helped me in easily transitioning my career into a cloud computing role. 

What is your advice to the future aspirants of this program?

Great Learning’s approach to learning is diversified. A person with very little experience in this field can also manage to excel and be more confident in the study. I would advise the future aspirants to not restrict themselves to one specific technology. It is important to keep your mind open as the world is constantly developing and changing. Hard work and dedication will reward well. 

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