The current pace of data creation stands at 2.5 quintillion bytes being generated every single day. This is a staggering amount of data, and the most interesting part is that 90% of all the data available in the world right now has been generated just in the past two years. These vast amounts of data bring with them the challenge of making sense of all this information.  
Organisations across the world are sitting on large troves of data that are ripe with insights. Companies need to mine this data to hold their competitive edge by improving efficiencies and finding new avenues to innovate. In the quest to leverage all this data, companies need qualified data scientists.
Growing demand for Data Scientists
Data Scientists are all set to become the hottest new hires for companies, to help executives to make informed decisions driven by data to achieve better outcomes. In an effort to understand the world of data science better, Great Learning has partnered with Analytics India Magazine to put together the Data Science Skills Study for 2018. This comprehensive report takes a look at what makes a good data scientist, exploring areas such the tools they use. We’ll be looking at:

  • – Common libraries used by data scientists
  • – How data visualisation makes data presentable
  • – What operating systems are most conducive for data science
  • – Tools for integrating big data into data analysis
  • – Best cloud provider for storing all their data
  • – Where data scientists source their open data
  • – How data scientists share codes between themselves
  • – And much more.

We’ve unearthed key insights about what the most successful data scientists are using to excel in their jobs, that will help beginners and job seekers to set a benchmark to gauge their expertise. You can download the full report here.



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