Gunjan is a senior software developer/mentor, having 14+ years of experience in the IT industry. He has handled multiple projects with responsibilities including analysis, design, development, implementation, testing in an agile way, and more. His top skills include Web API, Microservices, SQL server using dot net framework and container. He is interested in the role of solution architect and big data analytics. Here is his experience with the PG Program in Cloud Computing. 

“Mentor sessions with industry experts and the flexibility to learn for working professionals make a great learning program more effective. Hands-on practice and capstone projects enable a profound learning experience.

This program will help a novice to become an expert in the cloud domain. The sequence helps to learn the concept step by step. It helps to understand to select the best services or components that will meet the expected outcome with optimal cost.

It was a great experience working on the Capstone project. The capstone project can be an example of a live project where we have the freedom to take any day to day problem and implement a solution to that problem using cloud services. Here we can practically summarise the concepts that we learnt during the course. Mentor session and suggestion during synopsis and interim report help in completing the Capstone smoothly.

Top 3 takeaways from the program

  1. Cost analysis before selecting the services that meet the expected outcomes with optimal cost.
  2. Create an architecture diagram for the organisation/customer to understand them better to implement cloud.
  3. Understand concepts better with help of quiz and practical examples.”

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