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Introduction to Apache Hive

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This is an introductory course on one of the most used tools in big data - Hive. Hive is an ETL and data warehouse infrastructure software that can create interaction between user and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The course starts with the introduction to Hive before progressing to next topics which utilise a hands-on approach to explain. You will learn internal and external table structures, reading data from different formats into Hive structure. With the help of easy and intuitive explanation, you will get a good grasp on how to load data into Hive, querying techniques as well as generating views in Hive tables.

Skills covered

  • Hive querying
  • Hive data upload
  • Hive

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Apache Hive

  • Intro to hive
  • Hive demo - basics and internal table
  • Hive demo - external table
  • Hive demo - loading different file formats
  • Hive demo - load data into hive table
  • Hive demo - simple operations on hive table
  • Hive demo - query operations on hive table
  • Hive demo - querying complex structures from a table
  • Hive - views

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries On This Free Course
What is Apache Hive used for?

Apache Hive is used for reading, writing, and managing large data set files stored directly in HDFS or any other data storage systems such as Apache HBase. 


Is Apache Hive a database?

Apache Hive is an open-source data warehouse software. 


Who uses Apache Hive?

Data Analysts, Researchers, and Programmers use Apache Hive to read, write, and manage large data sets.


Can hive run without Hadoop?

No, Hive needs Hadoop for its functioning. 


What is the difference between Hadoop and Hive?

Hadoop is a framework or software for storing, processing and managing huge data sets. On the other hand, Hive is an SQL based tool that processes data by building over Hadoop.


Why do we need hive in Hadoop?

Hive builds over Hadoop to process large data sets.


What is the difference between Hive and spark?

Hive is a distributed database and Spark is a framework for data analytics. Both these are different products serving different purposes. 


Is spark SQL faster than Hive?

SparkSQL is very slow as compared with Hive-based systems and does not scale in concurrent environments. 


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