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prerequisites deep learning

Things to know before You Deep Dive into Deep Learning

You and I live in a world where, for better and for worse, we are constantly surrounded by algorithms. From song recommendations to driverless cars, and from financial fraud detection to medical...
cloud computing capstone project

Setting up a hospitality business model on AWS

A capstone project by Sajal Biswas and Shreya Sharma Use Case: Accommodation options in the travel industry are not limited to hotels and resorts. People often look for homestay options as this model benefits both the...

Types of Neural Networks and Definition of Neural Network

This blog is custom tailored to aid your understanding on different types of commonly used neural networks, how they work and their industry applications. The blog commences with a brief introduction on the working...
artificial intelligence in e-commerce

How Is AI Helping E-Commerce Stores Dramatically Increase Conversions?

E-commerce & Its Evolution If you ask people how they prefer to shop or what store they buy their products from, you will probably hear about some e-commerce store...
Data Mining Applications 2019

Top Data Mining Applications in Industries

Data Mining at a glance We are living in a world where data is driving decisions in every industry. Piles of data from various data points and sources...