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Hussain is a computer science engineer who specializes in the field of Machine Learning. He is a freelance programmer and fancies trekking, swimming, and cooking in his spare time.
yolo object detection

YOLO object detection using OpenCV

What is object detection?How does object detection work?What is YOLO object detection?Overview of  YOLO object detection algorithmNon-Maximum Suppression Implementation of YOLO with OpenCVCustom Object detection with YOLO What...

Real-time Face detection | Face Mask Detection using OpenCV

In this article, we are going to find out how to detect faces in real-time using OpenCV.After detecting the face from the webcam stream, we are going to save the frames containing...
object detection using TensorFlow

Real-Time Object Detection Using TensorFlow

What is object detection?How does object detection work?What is Tensorflow?What is Tensorflow object detection API?Object Detection Using TensorflowReal-Tim Object detection using Tensorflow What is Object detection?
cross validation

What is Cross Validation in Machine learning? Types of Cross Validation

What is cross validation?Types of validation?Non-Exhaustive MethodsHoldout method.K fold cross validationStratified K-Fold Cross ValidationExhaustive MethodsLeave-one-out cross validationLeave-P-Out cross validationWhat is Rolling cross validation? What is cross validation?
word embedding

What is Word Embedding | Word2Vec | GloVe

What is Word Embedding?Why Word Embedding is used?What is Word2VecContinuous Bag-of-Words, or CBOW model.Skip-Gram Model.GloVe What is Word Embedding? Humans have always excelled at understanding...