blockchain developer salary in india
  1. Who is a blockchain developer?
  2. Skills Required
  3. Roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer
  4. Blockchain developer salary in India
  5. How to become a blockchain developer?

Blockchain is the next greatest technological revolution. It has opened up a new field of development known as blockchain development. It is poised to revolutionise how we handle data and perform our business activities. Blockchain was initially developed to support Bitcoin but has shown a level of versatility and security that businesses in numerous sectors are making use of it today. Gartner predicts that the business value of blockchain technology will reach $3 trillion by 2030

It is based on a peer-to-peer or P2P topology and is a distributed ledger technology that lets data be stored globally. It can be stored on thousands of servers and allows anyone on the network to see everyone else’s entries in real-time. While it may not replace old databases, there is a great opportunity for enterprises to store data. 

Blockchain has created amazing job opportunities today. If you plan on becoming a blockchain developer, you must be curious to know the blockchain developer salary in India. But before we look at this, let us understand who a blockchain developer is. 

Who is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is someone responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols. S/he is also responsible for crafting the architecture of a blockchain system and developing smart contracts. S/he deals with web apps that use blockchain technology. In simple terms, a person who is involved in the development of blockchain technology can be identified as a blockchain developer. This role can be classified into two main categories as follow:

  • Core blockchain developers
  • Blockchain software developers

A core blockchain developer is responsible for high-level decision making such as developing the architecture of a blockchain system. They also work towards deciding how their protocols should be designed, and designing the consensus protocol and other decisions related to the blockchain technology. 

Whereas a blockchain software developer uses the architecture and protocols designed by the blockchain developer and builds decentralized applications that can run on blockchain technology.

A blockchain developer is also responsible for research, analysis, designing and execution of the full life cycle of blockchain applications. They make use of various programming languages that help them create interfaces and architectures for purposes such as payment processing. 

Skills Required to become a blockchain developer

Before looking at the blockchain developer salary in India, one must be aware of the skills required. Basic knowledge of mathematics and algorithms is required. You must be well-versed in programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python and tools such as Geth, Remix, Mist, Solium, Parity, BaaS, and Truffle are important skills as well. 

1. Blockchain Architecture

First and foremost, a blockchain developer must have an in-depth understanding of what blockchain is. S/he must know how it works and its architecture. Concepts such as cryptographic hash functions and ledger technologies come at a later stage. One of the best ways to get an understanding of the basic concept is to go through the bitcoin blockchain whitepaper. This can be considered as a tedious task, so learning from blogs/courses always helps. 

2. Data Structures 

You must know how to apply data structures when it is necessary. Blockchain developers are constantly working with existing data structures such as Merkle trees so that they can meet their network requirements. Throughout your career as a blockchain developer, you will work on numerous data structures along with advanced cryptography. This is used to build a secure system. 

3. Cryptography

Cryptography is just as important as Data structures. Various methods and hash functions like SHA256 and KECCAK256 are used in blockchain development. 

4. Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development has become very important these days. Most blockchain developers try to incorporate it in their functions as business logic can be easily applied to the blockchain technology. 

5. Web-Development

One of the core aspects of becoming a blockchain developer is to create and design decentralized applications. Thus, front-end and back-end development become important. 

blockchain developer salary in india

Roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer

Job duties of a blockchain developer include setting up security measures that can help protect the organisation from cyber attacks. They also work on building infrastructure, educating sales personnel about the technology, and setting up best practices. Collaborating with other IT personnel during the design process is also part of the job. 

We have seen above that a core blockchain developer works on the blockchain architecture and the security of the entire system. Some of the other responsibilities include- 

  1. Designing blockchain protocol
  2. Coming up with the consensus protocols and a security pattern for the network
  3. Design the network architecture
  4. Supervising the entire network 

Let us now take a look at the responsibilities of a blockchain software developer. The responsibilities are completely different from that of a core developer. 

  1. Developing Smart contracts
  2. Supervising the entire stack running their Dapps
  3. Looking after the backend development related to blockchain
  4. Development of interactive front-end designs for Dapps 

Blockchain Developer Salary in India 

The salary of blockchain developers varies depending on several factors such as job location, company, number of years experience, skills. The jobs in this domain are increasing at the rate of 2000-6000%. The blockchain developers salary in India is seen to be 50-100% higher than other developer jobs. 

On a broad scale, the salary ranges between 5,00,000-30,00,000 LPA depending on the various factors mentioned above. 

The average salary in India is ₹801,938 per annum. With three years of work experience, a blockchain developer can expect to receive close to ₹45,00,000 annually. A blockchain developers average salary in Europe is $73,300 while the average in the US is $136,000. 

Source: Computer World

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How to become a blockchain developer?

More Indian companies have joined the blockchain technology bandwagon. Since there is a significant gap between the number of jobs available and the number of skilled professionals in this field, now would be a great time to upskill. The first thing you must do is learn the basic skills required and the tools used by a blockchain developer. If you understand the core concept, it becomes easier to move forward in the field. Learn the process of the technology, and learn programming languages such as C, C++, Python. This will be very helpful when you are required to perform coding activities. Blockchain is a fairly newer field to work in, but the opportunity to be successful is higher as well. 

Continue to upgrade your skills and knowledge, this will allow recruiters to know that you are the right fit for their company. If you are looking for a free course, you can enrol in Great Learning Academy’s free online Blockchain Basics Course today and unlock your dream career.



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