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Data Analytics is the technology of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information.

covid 19

Data – A Potential Solution To The COVID-19 Situation?

Calling it a tidal wave of numbers, graphs, or data won’t be an overstatement in the current COVID-19 scenario. Petabytes of data running through the information expressway and almost every corporation scurrying...
cap theorem

Understanding CAP Theorem | What is CAP Theorem

CAP theorem is also called Brewer's theorem, named after the computer scientist, Eric Brewer. We will try to answer the following questions to better understand CAP theorem: Contributed by:...
outliner analysis

What is Outlier Analysis in Machine

In this article about Outlier Analysis we will look at everything that you need to know about- Outlier Analysis Outlier Analysis Techniques Contributed by: Renjini
text analytics

From Natural Language to Insights: Decoding Text Analytics, NLP & Chatbots for Enterprises

Understanding text analytics Applications of text analytics How AI-powered chatbots use text analytics and NLPConclusion  Contributed by: Chetan Alsisaria Understanding Text Analytics Did you...
small business

How Data Analytics Can Help in Small Business Growth

There’s a famous quote by Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft. He says: “If your business is not on the Internet, soon your business will be out of business.” With these words, Bill...