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Design Thinking can help extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centric techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way

What can Legal Professionals Learn from Design Thinking?

As with sectors such as healthcare, education and housing, Design Thinking is driving innovation and revolutionising products and services in the legal domain as well. Perhaps, Design Thinking has been used more...

How the lives of Citizens in South Africa Improved Using Design Thinking?

Design Thinking—a recent buzz phrase thrown a lot these days—is a human-centred problem-solving approach that saves lives, cuts costs, and boosts social welfare. It is not a new concept, and nowadays, not...
brainstorming techniques

Brainstorming Techniques for Generating Better Ideas

Whatever profession you are in, you are no stranger to the need for brainstorming. To survive in a fiercely competitive industry, your company/business/start-up needs you to come up with innovative ideas that...

How is Singapore reshaping using Design Thinking?

Introduction Sectors in Singapore wherein Design Thinking is implementedConclusion Singapore is one of the rare countries in the world that leads by example. From the lack of natural resources to...
Design thinking stages

Unique Ways to Use Design Thinking Stages at Work

The market is as evolving as ever, if not more during the current pandemic. The secret of staying relevant and ahead in such a dynamic environment is innovation - but constant innovation...