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Design Thinking can help extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centric techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way

design thinking steps

How to Implement Design Thinking steps in your Startup

An entrepreneur is already a design thinker at heart. Knowingly or not, design thinking steps are implemented in their work. They look for solutions to their problems and come up with innovative...

How Design Thinking can be Used in Uncertain Times

Design Thinking in Uncertain Times  Design thinking, by a simple definition, is a strategy of using real empathy to create solutions and meet requirements. If you think of it,...
Design Thinking adidas

Is Design Thinking the Secret behind Adidas’s Comeback

A Brief Overview of Adidas’s Journey Adidas is one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear in the world today - being the largest manufacturer in Europe and second-largest in...
airbnb design thinking

The role of Design Thinking in transforming Airbnb into a soaring success

The year 2009 was tough for Airbnb as it was very close to going bust. The startup as registering only $200 per week as revenue and were nowhere close to making a...
design thinking process

How Entrepreneurs can use Design Thinking

Redefining problems, understanding the challenges faced by users, and coming up with an innovative solution is known as the design thinking process. Leading global brands have implemented design thinking into their processes,...