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    Design Thinking can help extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centric techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way

    Design thinking P&G

    How Design Thinking Helped P&G Re-invent the Brand?

    In its 183rd year, Procter & Gamble is one of the oldest running businesses in the market now. However, the road to success, needless to say, is never smooth. One of P&G’s...
    design thinking

    How Design Thinking is Driving Innovation in Healthcare

    Over the last few years, design thinking has gained immense popularity. The applications of design thinking have made their way into almost every industry. Healthcare is one of them. Healthcare has reaped...
    design thinking

    How did Design Thinking help to transform Rotterdam Eye Hospital into a bright and...

    Right from the long dreary corridors to the noisy (sometimes hushed) waiting rooms infested with the sickening smell of disinfectants, hospitals conjure up an image of an anonymous and depressing place. Sometimes...

    How Journalists can Improve Storytelling by Embracing Design Thinking Strategies

    Whether it be Indian news media, or American, we often hear people around us complaining about the declining quality of journalism. As individuals become more and more educated, the more they yearn...
    hatch and bloom

    How Hatch and Bloom used design thinking to improve food service and create a...

    From improving hospitals/courts/housing systems to remodelling the sitting arrangement, Design Thinking can help businesses find a solution to strategies by enabling a seamless and user-satisfaction centric approach. And we have been proving...