Delhi pollution

Introduction of Capstone Project

Diwali is just 5 days. Guess what is the most tell-tale sign- The NCR air quality index, which is already soaring as high as last year’s post Diwali index.
Yes, that’s very true!

The rate at which urban air pollution has grown across India is alarming. A vast majority of cities are caught in the toxic web as air quality fails to meet health-based standards. Almost all cities are reeling under severe particulate pollution while newer pollutants like oxides of nitrogen and air toxics have begun to add to the public health challenge. New Delhi is among the most polluted cities in the world today.

In the above context, we did this case study “Identifying Patterns in New Delhi’s Air Pollution” as a part of our Capstone Project at Great Lakes Institute of Management, wherein, we closely studied the Air Quality Data for New Delhi, identified patterns (spike in air pollution levels), identified correlating factors on key levels of Air Pollution across key locations of New Delhi. Also as part of the exercise, we also studied the impact of Government sponsored Initiative like ‘Odd-Even’ Pilot Project Phase II.
As the final report of the Capstone Project gathered massive appreciation from our professors & mentors, we decided to share the project study on a public platform. Here, we would like to thank Analytics Vidhya on supporting us by publishing the same and thus, making sure the study reaches thousands of Analytics learners across the globe.
We hope this will not just assist others learn but also sensitize the readers towards celebrating an environmentally safe Diwali this year. Now, let’s have a closer look at the study! Great Learning PGP- DSBA Project breakdown.

The Learning Journey

Though this was our very first small milestone, we still definitely feel proud about our project and amount of the learning happened through it. We would like to thank Great Lakes for giving us an opportunity to learn and share our knowledge in analytics space.
Here is what our mentor, Mr. Jatinder Bedi, had to say about our Capstone Project, “Students wanted to do a typical legacy project in which they wanted to pick a dataset and run various Predictive models on top of it. I suggested them the idea of studying urban air pollution, a topic on which I was already working. I shared my thoughts and they picked up very smartly. The group had great energy to learn and was all willing to explore how concepts can be applied to real-world problems. It was an unsupervised study where we all learnt in every step. The project was a great showcase of how we can apply Analytics as a tool to understand problems around us and further take necessary steps to minimize the effects.

Thanks to Dr. PKV for his consistent guidance and support. He has always been a great source of information for us.”

We sincerely hope this case study would be useful to analytics learners, giving them few ideas to do their own Capstone projects and simultaneously, give them a glimpse of Great Lakes PGP-DSBA program.

This article was contributed by Karthikeyan Gnanasekaran, Shrinivasabharathi Balasubramanian, Sankaranarayanan Mahadevan and Nagesh Shenoy Mand the mentor Jatinder Bedi and was done as part of their capstone project. They were part of the Great Learning PGP- DSBA program in Bangalore and finished their curriculum recently.


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