In today’s world, keeping up with the changing technology requires us to keep updating our skillset. Here’s how Ritesh chose to take his career to greater heights by joining the PGP – Data Science and Engineering course at Great Learning. 

Can you tell us about your background and work experience? 

I completed my B.Tech in 2015 and was subsequently working at Accenture for almost 3.4 years. When I started, I was working as a Data Quality Analyst and later moved to Big Data development. I enjoyed the work but felt the need to upskill if I wanted to improve my performance at work. This is when I decided to take a break from my job and join Great Learning’s PGP – DSE course. 

Why did you choose Great Learning? 

My prime reason was that GL provides an offline course. I felt that if I took up an online course then I may not be able to complete it on my own, so the classroom course at GL was a good choice for me. I wanted to have the experience of studying along with other students and I felt that the course provided here was interesting. I already had a fair knowledge of Data Engineering but the analysis part of Data Science intrigued me. Therefore, I chose to upskill at Great Learning.

What do you think of the mentorship provided? 

It was one of the best aspects of my whole experience. Mock interviews were conducted, there were midterm and final exams, projects, peer reviews, and sessions by project mentors. The mentors were able to help me understand the industry relevance of the topics. I was able to clear my doubts without any hassle. If I got a low score on any exam, the mentors would guide me to do my level best. I am very thankful for the support they provided.

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What are your views on the program curriculum, did it make you industry ready?

The course was structured well. I had some prior knowledge about Data Engineering but didn’t know Python coding, now I can confidently say that I am proficient in this domain. The career support was excellent, the program managers helped prepare for interviews and told me what changes to make in my resume, what my weak points were and how exactly I can work to improve. I am now confident while attending an interview as I am industry-ready. 

What are your career goals and do you have any advice for future DSE aspirants?

My long term goal would be to complete my masters. My advice to anyone who will take up this course would be to listen to your faculty. They want the best for you and will help you achieve your goals.



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