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Business Analytics abbreviated as BA it is the process of sorting, colliding, processing, and studying business data, and uses statistical models and iterative methodology to transform data into business insights.

supply chain analytics

How Supply Chain is Using Analytics to Solve Its Problems

What is Supply Chain Analytics?Challenges of Supply Chain IndustryBest Examples of Supply Chain Management How Big Data is transforming Supply Chain Management Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Analytics Courses for Supply...
Predictive analysis in travel industry

What Are the Use Cases for the Predictive Analytics in the Travel Industry?

Predictive analytics is having its heyday currently. It has emerged as the technology that firms are turning to in order to gain competitive advantage and provide fact-based assessments of what will happen...
healthcare analytics case studies great learning

Learn How Healthcare is Using Analytics to Solve Business Problems

Examples of How Healthcare Uses Analytics There isn’t a domain or discipline where Analytics has not made a significant impact. One of the sectors where Analytics has left an...
Human Resources Analytics Case Studies Great Learning

5 Examples of HR Professionals Using Analytics For Better Productivity

How HR Professionals Using Analytics Hired to deliver on human resources, HR professionals often find themselves juggling a number of tasks - minimise time to hire, find the best PO (Person-Organisation) and PJ (Person-Job) fits...
Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Careers – Job Roles and Salaries

Data is seeing a sizeable boom across industries. It’s a potential goldmine that could aid organisations with insights into their products, business processes, customer behaviour, and the factors shaping their target markets. To get...