Introduction to Financial Risk Analytics

Machine learning, data science and business analytics are often used together in business environments. This might lead to overlapping task areas, but the responsibilities pertaining to each of these roles are quite distinct from...

Applications of Data Science in the E-commerce industry

The importance of data in today’s world has reached new heights, where companies are relying on data sets to understand performances and arrive at business decisions (read more about data science). Data analysis...

Advantage of being with Great Learning is now apparent- Sownthiriya

The toughest decisions in life are when you have multiple choices. When Sownthiriya, our PGP-DSE alumnus decided to learn data science, she had multiple choices to choose from the leading institutes to become a...
data science weekly november

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – November Part IV

This week has been quite exciting for data science. From discovering new potentials for the aviation industry to exploring augmented analytics, the spectrum of data science news has been quite wide. We...
What is data science?

What is Data Science?

Why Businesses Need Data ScienceBusiness Intelligence Vs. Data ScienceWhy You Should Build a Career in Data Science? Who is a Data Scientist?What Are The Essential Skills to Become a Data Scientist?Data Science...