Not everyone believes in learning online. It may seem like an intimidating step not knowing how the online classes may turn out to be. But joining a well-trusted online course can be highly beneficial. Learn more about Shreyansh Vaghela’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I am adding to my 12 plus year experience by helping big firms like eClerx (12th position in India for data science workspace), Firmenich (World No2), 125+ year old flavor & fragrance leader on world-class data science solutions. I use tools and technologies based on business needs, be it functional or technical. That gives me the liberty to be aligned with current business trend needs. I am a 2008 batch engineering pass out from Gujarat, India.

For me, learning and proving my best is my absolute biggest professional challenge of all time. This challenge sometimes lets me touch the sky and sometimes gives me a hard time. While looking back, I see I enjoy both parts really well.

There were a couple of points which pushed me towards Great Learning positively:

  1. Quality of content.
  2. Good Customer Engagement.
  3. A certificate from Texas University McCombs School of Business.

I had apprehension about online learning. I believed in myself, but being outside Great Learning and putting such an amount for online material, is it worth it? What if there is low-grade customer service? I think Great Learning really handled my apprehensions very well. I had a couple of examples that make me feel confident about good service all over from Great Learning.

The mentoring sessions are more important than anything we presented. We as learners can have other things for less price or even free, but Great Learning really pioneered mentoring sessions professionally, without a doubt. Those mentoring sessions with quality professional mentors were just perfect. You get what you want from those sessions, and those sessions are actually for that need only. I felt really great and enjoyed it a lot.

I see myself as techno-functional, but those sessions are not just going through weekly content; there is a foundation on which I see my career now. Those topics, discussions, assignments, and projects with mentor sessions are just a complete package. Data Science is pretty easy. Just choose the right learning partner.

For more such success stories, watch this space!



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