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In our 5 Ways Analytics is Taking the Aviation Industry to New Heights blog, we drew your attention to the advent of analytics and how it has penetrated the aviation industry right from tackling airport congestion to digitising services across customer and operational aspects to predicting and automating maintenance tasks. In continuation, we present you five case studies that provide insights into how analytics is catapulting growth and innovation in the airline business:

    1. Improving operational performance for an airlines major by segmentation of various airports – Mu-Sigma developed an improved email targeting mechanism for one of the largest US airlines with 700 fleet size and 250 destinations, using a test and learn engine for better engagement. It helped the client by increasing both response and conversion rates by approximately 20%. Learn more about their 3-pronged approach.
    2. Aerospace Company Saves $26 Million – A large aerospace and defence manufacturing group wanted to grow, yet contain costs at the same time. A Gartner engagement helped deliver the vision and exceed cost savings expectations. The company was able to achieve $26 million in cost savings and a $5 million overachievement. Know how Gartner exceeded expectations to make this happen.
    3. Recommendation engine to lift ancillary sales for a leading airline – The marketing team of a leading airlines organisation uses a recommendation engine developed by a third party to offer ancillary services to passengers who check-in through web or kiosk. The team wanted to improve the performance of this recommendation engine in order to increase revenue from ancillary services. Mu-Sigma worked on improving the existing recommendation system leading to a 30% increase in revenue. Read more about their solutions here.
    4. Lufthansa Consulting Projects – Lufthansa Consulting is a leading consultancy for aviation-related solutions that works on a variety of projects across all dimensions of the aviation industry. In the last 30 years, Lufthansa Consulting has worked on several cases, problems ranging from revenue optimisation, commercial drone operations, intercontinental passenger services to developing financial models for airports. The diversity in their projects is testimony to the complex system that aviation operates in. Here are some of the projects that Lufthansa Consulting worked on.
    5. Built a custom framework to measure customer satisfaction and improve revenue for a leading airline – The Customer Experience Team of a leading airline serving more than 300 destinations wanted to accurately measure, track and improve the overall airport experience for its customers. Lack of accurate information/score was hindering the process, thereby leading to potential revenue loss. The self-service dashboard provided by Mu Sigma was capable of helping leaders and ground staff drive customer-centric decisions in time. Know how.

Sources: Mu-Sigma, Gartner, Lufthansa Consulting.



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