If you wish to make a shift in your career or undergo a career transition, upskilling is essential since it allows you to learn more about the domain and acquire the required skills. Read about Varna’s journey with Great learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course

Tell us about your professional background.

I completed my Engineering in 2017. I was working with Yodlee through campus placements as a software engineer. After quitting, I took up this course with GL and now I’m working as a data scientist with TheMathCompany since August 2019. 

Why Great Learning?

I joined Great Learning because I wanted a job switch within a short period. I did not want to invest much time, and the Great Learning PGP- Data Science and Engineering seemed like the best choice to go ahead with. I had also heard a lot about Great Learning and it’s courses. 

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Have you had a transition after GL? If yes, how is the experience? 

More than upskilling, I wanted a career transition. And Great Learning provided me with exactly that. I had a career transition to the role of a data scientist with TheMathCompany. I had a great experience with the course and enjoyed the process. 

What did you like the most about the course?

For me, I feel that the people who taught me the courses were the best part. They were professionals who have industry experience and are leaders in the field of Data Science. They had enough knowledge to help us understand all the concepts clearly. The course was fairly fast-paced but was still understandable. PGP Data Science and Engineering was great, especially subjects such as Python.

Advice for future PGP DSE aspirants.

Anyone who is willing to learn new concepts and work hard should join the course and reap the benefits. I would advice you to take it up if you want a career transition or are new to the field of data science.

For more such success stories, watch this space. 



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